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Historical Research in College Composition - Greensburg Campus

This guide will assist undergraduate students, who are enrolled in Dr. Lou Ann Sears' section of College Composition, in researching their chosen decade using both library and non-library resources.

College Composition - Greensburg Campus

For this course, you will be writing a research paper about a particular decade or event in America's history within the past 110 years.  This LibGuide will serve as a starting point for your research.

Please don't forget that you may always ask a librarian for help!

Do I have a reliable source?

You are required to use reliable sources, including books, articles, and websites.  How do you know if a source is reliable?  Here are a few questions you can ask yourself in order to determine if a source is reliable:


  • Who is the author?
  • What degrees or experience does the author have?
  • Is the author an expert in that field?
  • Is the author affiliated with a particular institution?


  • Is the article or journal scholarly/peer-reviewed?
    (Scholarly/peer-reviewed articles are written by experts in that field and then reviewed by other experts in that same field for validity, accuracy, and overall quality prior to being published.)
  • Does the author cite his/her sources?
  • If yes, are they credible sources?


  • When was the source published?
  • Is currency important to your topic?


  • Did the author publish this source with a particular agenda in mind?
  • Based on the author's word choice and tone, does the author have any particular bias?