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Muslims in a Global Context - Oakland Campus

This guide provides selected high-quality resources for those interested in Muslims around the world and in Islam.

Key Interdisciplinary Databases for Starting Research

Below are several good general interdisciplinary databases that are useful when searching for articles about global themes and issues related to continents and individual countries. 

Political and Socioeconomic Databases

Databases are great sources for articles because databases offer the high quality, scholarly information that most professors want. The databases below are more focused and subject specific so they are excellent starting points for your research.

Government- and UN-Related Databases

These databases, produced by the U.S. government and the United Nations, provide a wealth of information about the area and related topics including statistical information.

Arts & Humanities Databases

The databases below are useful when searching for Global Studies topics and articles related to the arts and humanities. The country, theme or topic you select may affect the databases you choose. You can find additional databases by checking Databases by Subject.