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Education Research Seminar - Oakland Campus

This guide is designed for IL 2990 Research Seminar for MAT Interns. The student proposes, carries out, and prepares a careful report of a study germane to the student's professional role.

Assignment: MAT Teaching Project

Professor Godley has assigned a 10-12 page research paper.

Your final project should be written in a format similar to that of most educational publications (see Mills, Ch. 8). This format includes the following sections:

Introduction: Here you explain the issue or problem you studied, the purpose of your
study and your research question(s).

Methods: Here you describe the participants and setting of your research and explain how
you collected and analyzed your data.

Findings: Here you present the data you collected and your analysis of it. (Some authors
separate the presentation of their data and their analysis of it. This is up to you.)

Related Literature Review: Here you explain the published research (books, articles)
that relates to your findings and how they influence your “ rethinking” of your project.
Plan on including at least 3 pieces of scholarly research. These may come from your
coursework or from independent research.

Conclusion: Here you reflect on your project and why your findings are significant for
you and for other teachers. You might include changes to practice you would make based
on the outcomes of the project and future projects /next steps you want to undertake.

References: Both in-text citations and the reference page should be in APA format.

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