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Human Library @ Pitt

This guide will tell you more about The Human Library -- what it is, why it's important, and how you can participate. Join us for this event happening at Hillman Library on April 4, 2019!

What is The Human Library?

The Human Library is an event that encourages people from different backgrounds to talk with and learn from each other in a safe environment.  Several “human books” have volunteered to share their experiences with participants in small group settings.  Those who want to talk with a human book can sign up as a "reader" to “borrow” the human book and participate in one of these small group conversations. 

The goal of the Human Library is to build understanding and challenge stereotypes and prejudices through a non-confrontational and friendly conversation.  We feel these open and honest conversations can lead to greater acceptance, tolerance and social cohesion in the community.  

Event Policy

The Human Library builds a positive framework for conversations that challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. The University Library System remains committed to diversity, inclusion, and free inquiry and, in providing a space where this dialogue takes place, affirm participants’ rights to safety and dignity.

All of the opinions and viewpoints set forth by the Human Library participants during this event are exclusively the opinions and viewpoints of such Human Library participants. The University of Pittsburgh’s sponsoring of this event does not in any way represent the endorsement thereof or the opinions or viewpoints of the University of Pittsburgh.