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Google Scholar

Use this guide to learn about maximizing Google Scholar for your research.

Using Advanced Search

. . . by clicking on the hamburger icon (hamburger iconin the upper left corner of the Google Scholar search page

location of the hamburger icon and advanced search on Google Scholar in the upper left portion of the window

Enter your subject search terms in the top four boxes according to how you want the terms to be combined.

Search for your terms anywhere in the full article or limit your search to terms in the title of the article.

  • anywhere in the article - will return a more complete set of articles related to your topic, but will also include more articles of less relevance because the term appears somewhere, but is not a major concept in the article
  • in the title of the article - will return a more focused, but smaller, set of results since terms in the title of an article tend to be major concepts in the article. Some relevant articles will be missed because the terms appear in the text, but not the title.