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Find, Use, Peruse: Google Books!

Discover what is in Google Books and learn how to search it more efficiently.

Searching Google Books

On the Google homepage, you will notice a search box. In this box, you can enter your search terms, which can be a title, author, or topic.



   After entering in your terms, select the Books tab to limit your search results to books only. 



By using the Advanced Search, you can limit your results using a variety of parameters. Open a book record, then click on the Wheel/Gear icon and choose Advanced Book Search. 



From there, you will be taken to the Advanced Book Search screen and will have the ability to greatly refine your search.



By clicking on Search Tools under the search box, you can sort results by accessibility (Preview available, Google eBooks, or Free Google eBooks), document type (Books or Magazines), publication time periods (which includes an option for a custom range), and relevance.


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