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Course & Subject Guides

Global Strategy & Competitive Advantage - Oakland Campus

Designed to assist students with their research for Prof. Madhavan's course. BUSSPP 1740.

Getting Started

This guide will highlight resources on China's aircraft manufacturing industry, related companies, and data about China.

Use the tabs on the left to navigate throughout the guide. This page talks about industry research.

When doing industry research, keep in mind there can be various ways to say the same thing. Try terms like:

  • aviation OR airplane OR aircraft
  • manufacturing OR production

It can also help to use standardized industry codes, like NAICS, which is a way to classify and organize companies within an industry. The aircraft manufacturing industry's NAICS code is 336411, and more broadly 3364 is aerospace products and parts manufacturing. Learn more at Doing Industry Research @ Pitt.

Chinese and Specific Industry Resources

The following sources provide information on China, the aircraft industry, safety standards, regulations, and more.  You can find more using PittCat. 

China-Specific Resources

Global resources

Global and US Industry Reports

car and automobile industry report home page in IBIS World

Industry reports, available in databases, print resources, and websites, contain valuable analysis of an industry's operating conditions, driving forces, competitive landscapes, and more.

Be aware that many do not cover smaller niche industries and always check the date to see how current the information is.

Supplement these reports with information found in newspapers and trade publications.

Accompanying image is from the IBIS World database.