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Digital Tools for Primary Resource Projects @ Pitt

Common objectives and tools that can be used for a digital humanities assignment using archival and special collections materials.

Digital Humanities projects can be used to present traditional research methods in an enhanced, more creative way. Expose work in public history or present archival research in a way that is more accessible, more interactive, and more visual. Instructors can introduce their students to primary resources by adding exciting digital assignments to their courses. These projects give students research skills they will continue to utilize throughout their time at Pitt and into their careers. The Digital Scholarship Services offer a variety of tools and methods to use alongside research engaging resources from Pitt's Archives & Special Collections

Take a look through the questions below to find the right tool for your project:

Do you want to create a digital collection or provide access to digitized primary resources? 
Do you want to create an interactive narrative or exhibit?
Do you want to map out items to create a narrative?
Do you want to create a timeline?
Do you want to do short-form writing (i.e. blog posts)?
Is your project metadata-heavy?


This LibGuide was prepared by Owen Adams, Rosalie Garfinkle, Jennifer Langilotti, Hala Succar, and Beth Smaligo as a course project for the Design Method Sequence in the Master of Library and Information Science program at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Spring 2020.