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Corporate Social Responsibility Resources

Provides resources that will help when researching CSR.

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, refers to the belief that businesses have a responsibility to society beyond their obligations to their stockholders or investors. In addition to generating profits, firms are expected to have some responsibility regarding the wellbeing of consumers, employees, the community at large, government, and the natural environment. Read more.

This guide includes information about how to search for books and articles about CSR in the literature and links to various resources.

Searching for Books and Articles

Use the following resources to find books, ebooks, scholarly journal articles, magazine and trade articles, and newspaper articles about CSR.

Keywords and Subject Terms/Headings

  • "corporate social responsibility" OR "CSR" OR "social responsibility" OR "corporate responsibility" OR "social responsibility of business"
  • "sustainable development" OR "sustainability"
  • "fair trade"
  • "green business"
  • "corporate governance"
  • "business ethics"