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Ramón Gómez de la Serna Exhibit: Greguerías

The Special Collections Department at the University of Pittsburgh's Library System celebrated the online accessibility of a majority of the Papers of Ramón Gómez de la Serna with an exhibit of selected manuscripts and photographs.



As expected, Ramón’s papers comprise  a wide range of materials documenting his creative work, research, and interest in greguerías, including his own drawings to illustrate greguerías, anthologies of phrases and sayings in related style selected from a wide range of authors,  his notes and explorations into associated subject areas such as humor and the metaphor, and much more.  Shown here are a few samples. Click on the folder number or image to see the the complete digitized folder.

 Manuscripts from left to right: "Porqué se llaman greguerías," Lecture Notes, RGS 3-11; "Gregues:" Compilation of Phrases from a Range of Authors, RGS 4-4; Annotated Published Greguería Clippings, RGS 5-9: