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Pittsburgh Authors: Literary Degrees of Separation, Spring 2013 @ Pitt Special Collections: Straight-Pinning for Drafting

Exhibit of documents from the Mary Roberts Rinehart Papers (1831-1970), Hervey Allen Papers (1831-1965), Lawrence Lee Papers (1920-1978), Walter and Martha Leuba Collection, Nixon Theatre: Pittsburgh Theatre Collection, and Special Collections

Exhibit Case 4: Straight-Pinning for Drafting

The Practice of Straight Pining for Drafting

Before electronic word processors there were straight pins.  Both Mary Roberts Rinehart and Hervey Allen exhibit a practice of early 20th century manuscript drafting in which parts of pages are cut and pinned to other pages with straight pins. This early, manual version of cutting and pasting allows visitors to witness early to mid-20th century manuscript draft making.  Objects from Rinehart’s desk, which include a pair of scissors and a container full of straight pins, showcase the materials Rinehart utilized and surrounded herself with while she wrote on her desk.