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Information Literacy Fundamentals @ Pitt: Lesson Plans

This guide defines information literacy and discusses strategies to incorporate information literacy into sessions for students.

Why Make a Lesson Plan?

Lesson plans:

1. Keep you organized and prepared

2. Can be used in any instructional setting

Other Components

1. Prepare a script

  • Word for word
  • Outline

2. Plan handouts

3. Create LibGuide

4. Check equipment

Main Components

The main components of a lesson plan are:

1. Objectives/Learning Outcomes

2. Active Learning

3. Assessment/Evaluation

What Should Be in a Lesson Plan?

A lesson plan should include:

1. Active learning exercises

  • To reinforce learning outcomes

2. Assessment method(s)

  • Collaborate with professor

PowerPoints and Documents

The information in this guide is based on information in a series of presentations and documents associated with an Information Literacy Workshop presented by the ULS Information Literacy and Assessment Working Group.