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Course & Subject Guides

Japanese Studies Research Guide for Japanese Capstone 1999 and Undergraduate- Oakland Campus

This guide will assist Japanese major students who are taking “Capstone Project” JAPANESE 1999 to develop and complete their term papers with using at least two Japanese articles. It is also designed as a guide for undergraduate research.

Important Call Numbers for Japanese Studies

BQ1-9800   = Buddhism
DS801-897 = History of Japan
PL501-889  = Japanese language and literature
PN1600-3307 = Drama, include Noh, Kabuki and Movies
Z = Bibliography, Library Science

How to search English Books on Japan

Japanese Romanization

Japanese materials in PittCat and other OPACs in North America are cataloged by the modified Hepburn system of romanization as employed by the Library of Congress. Following links are some tips for Japanese romanization.