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BUSFIN 1347 - Oakland Campus

This guide is intended to assist Prof. Schlingemann's BUSFIN 1347 course on Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Structures.

The Merger Must Meet the Following Criteria

You have been tasked with finding a merger that meets the following criteria. Below are some hints about where you can find the answers to these questions.

The core resources you'll want to use are provided on the Summary of Transaction page and are a great place to look for deals.

1. Did the acquirer purchase the whole target firm?

This information is typically expressed as a percentage sought. It will be available in most of the listed sources.

2. Was the merger completed between January 1, 2016 and July 31, 2022?

Look for an "effective" or "completed" date. Again, most of these sources will include that information. Another good place to verify this is press releases, which will often be linked on the company's investor relations website or in newspaper articles.

3. Were both the acquiring and target firms publicly traded throughout the entire transaction period (from the first announcement to completion)?

This can normally be verified through databases that provide company details (i.e. Mergent Online, NexisUni, or Capital IQ). Check the history section or tab within the company's profile to check if their ownership status changed during the transaction.

4. Can you get the financial statements for both firms for the year prior to the initial announcement of the transaction?

Financial statements should be available as you have chosen public companies. There are many places you can find them, including the company's investor relations site, EDGAR, Mergent Online, Nexis Uni, and Capital IQ. See the Financial Analysis page for more details.