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BUS 10&20 - Interview Prep & Business Research

This guide is meant to accompany the class session on interview preparation and business research.

Scenario Introduction

Imagine you work as a business analyst at PPG Paints and you have to create a SWOT analysis for the company.

1. Learn about PPG Industries

In groups of 2-4, use Mergent Online to learn about PPG Industries.

2. Determine the Relevant Industries

In the same groups, use Mergent Online to find out what industries PPG Industries operates in and/or is affected by.

3. Company and Industry Research

Divide your group into two teams, one to do more company research and the other industry research.

For the company research group, find the following things in Mergent Online. [Industry research group use the next tab for your instructions.]

Use IBIS World to find two relevant industry reports. You can search for the reports using the NAICS codes you found. Answer the questions below for each of them.

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4. Create the SWOT

Come back together as a group and compare your answers.

Create your SWOT Analysis.

5. Check your SWOT

If there is time, how did your SWOT analysis compare with this one?

6. Provide Session Feedback

Please fill out this feedback form to help us improve!