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Introduction to Sociology - Bradford Campus: Overview

This guide is designed to help support students doing research relating to Sociology.

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology

SOC 0101 Introduction to Sociology

"This course is an introduction to sociology’s way of observing and explaining human group behavior. The course will include an exploration of theoretical orientations and methodological approaches used to study human group behavior. Society, culture, social institutions and social stratification will be analyzed. The issues involved in the process of change will complete the analysis of group behavior." (Bradford Campus Catalog).

Careers in Sociology

TEDx Talks--The Wisdom of Sociology

Sociology Research

Sociology is the scientific study of human social behavior. As the study of humans in their collective aspect, sociology is concerned with all group activities—economic, social, political, and religious. Sociologists study such areas as bureaucracy, community, deviant behavior, family, public opinion, social change, social mobility, social stratification, and such specific problems as crime, divorce, child abuse, and substance addiction. Sociology tries to determine the laws governing human behavior in social contexts; it is sometimes distinguished as a general social science from the special social sciences, such as economics and political science, which confine themselves to a selected group of social facts or relations.

-- In The Columbia Encyclopedia, Columbia University Press, 2008. Retrieved from Credo Reference.

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