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Course & Subject Guides

The Bible as Literature - Oakland Campus

This guide will assist students in Dr. McDermott's Bible as Literature class with their research.

Subject Headings for The Bible

Subject Headings are controlled vocabulary that enable you to search by SUBJECT in PittCat. Subject headings are assigned to books when they are cataloged and there is an attempt to use the same heading for all books on a particular subject. When you are searching for Bibles or books about the Bible, subject headings can save you time.  If you search for "Bible" as a keyword, you will get thousands of hits, most of which will not be relevant to your search. 

There is a specific syntax (order) of elements for Bible headings:  Bible. [book]. (verses)--(sub-divisions)

If you want to narrow your search to Commentaries (usually verse by verse expositions of the text) of Genesis, you can type:

Bible. Genesis--Commentaries.

If you're looking for ancient or medieval commentaries, use this syntax:

Bible. [Book]--Commentaries--Early works to 1800.

For example:

Bible. Isaiah--Commentaries--Early works to 1800.

Books that contain a more sustained argument about a book or portion of a book of the Bible are usually included under the sub-division, interpretation and criticism.  For example: 

Bible. Mark--Criticism, interpretation, etc.

Bible as literature

Subject headings are not always intuitive, so please ask a librarian if you have trouble finding the material you need in PittCat.