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Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania - Greensburg Campus: Local Resources

This guide will assist students in various courses who need information regarding the history, demographics, and local resources of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania or if you are enrolled in History 1005, Special Topics.

Local Organizations

Kecksburg: Westmoreland County's "Roswell"

Located approximately 13 miles south from the Pitt-Greensburg campus, Kecksburg PA had its own UFO siting in 1965. Newspaper accounts of this incident are available in the microfilm collection of the Tribune Review at the Greensburg Campus Library.

Historic Homes in Westmoreland County

In 1964 the Charles McKenna Lynch Estate, known as Starboard Light, was purchased by the University as the new permanent site of the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg.The 104 acre estate consisted of a tudor style house which had been constructed in 1923, a swimming pool, tennis court, bathhouse, gatehouse and formal garden. After extensive remodeling, Lynch Hall was open for business in 1967. Until more facilities could be constructed, the campus had two sites: one on Mount Pleasant Road and one in downtown Greensburg.

At the entrance to the campus is the Admissions Office in Rossetti House, the former home of Mary Quinn, C.M. Lynch's daughter. This structure is a 1940 Sears, Roebuck house. Both structures are listed in A Guidebook to Historic Western Pennsylvania by Helene Smith and George Swetnam.