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Introduction to Theatre Arts - Greensburg Campus

This guide will assist students in Dr. Schrum's Introduction to Theatre Arts course in effectively finding sources for the assigned research paper.

Finding Background Information

Chances are that you are not yet an expert on your play/playwright.  This means you probably aren't sure how to begin searching for books and articles yet.  No worries!  Pitt has several online encyclopedia products that you can use to get more information before you start the nitty-gritty research.  You can access these products from on- and off-campus.

NOTE:  Using encyclopedias is a great way to start thinking about your topic, but they will not be accepted as sources for your paper in this class.  You are not wasting your time by reading 2 or 3 short encyclopedia entries!  You will be better equipped to find the sources you will use for your paper if you do this.