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Course & Subject Guides

Strategic Management - MBA - Oakland Campus

Designed to assist MBA students in completing their Strategic Management courses.

Find Company Data

Company profiles often include information on the organizational structure of the company, major products and industries, and financials. The company profiles in the databases below each have their strengths and weaknesses, and gaining a full understanding of the company may require reviewing multiple resources.

Financials now and after you graduate

Company News and Articles

Find news, academic journal articles, trade publications, and more for your company using the resources below.

Annual Reports and Investor Relations

Don't forget to look at the company's website! Companies often provide information about organizational values, management, and strategy in annual reports and on investor relations pages. The company's website can be found in company profile pages or by searching for the company in a web search engine. 

Capital IQ

NOTE: Capital IQ is only available on campus. You can create a free account to use your own device, or use computers in Mervis 201 or two computers on the ground floor of Hillman Library. More access information.

General Company Information

From the Capital IQ home screen, enter the desired company name into the search bar and select the correct company. This will bring up a "company tearsheet," offering general information. The column on the left-hand side of the page can lead you to more detailed information, like exectutives, valuation information, transcripts from meetings and conference calls, and more.