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This guide is designed for students enrolled in PYS 1059 laboratory course, Topics in Advanced Research Methods: Social Psychology Research

PSY 1059

PSY 1059 is a laboratory course focused on research methods in social psychology. 

This guide will assist you in completing your coursework, specifically in identifying key resources for your topics, including databases and organizations. 

This guide also highlights ibrary resources and services available to you. 

Ask a Librarian FAQ

Subject Specific Terms

Knowing and using discipline-specific terms is one key to success and translates to efficient, effective research and scholarship. 

Database index articles using specific vocabulary.  Some databases, such as PsycINFO also include a Thesaurus feature.  The Thesaurus is a great way to identify the particular terms used by the database for your concept.

You'll still need to run some searches to identify how to best express your concept, but in general, here are some discipline specific terms to consider:

  • Internal validity
  • threats to internal validity
  • external validity
  • construct validity
  • experiment
  • correlational study
  • demand characteristics
  • experimenter bias
  • between-subjects designs
  • within-subjects designs (repeated measures designs)
  • factorial design
  • random assignment
  • manipulation vs. measurement
  • reliability of measures
    • internal consistency
    • test-retest
  • Independent variable
  • dependent variable
  • continuous vs. categorical variables
  • operational definition
  • confound
  • error vs. bias

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