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Open Access @ Pitt: OA and You

Here you can find out more about Open Access to research and how to make your scholarship more freely and widely available and usable.

OA and You

Whether you're a scholar, a student, a university administrator, or a member of library staff, in this section and its subpages, you'll find  ideas to consider and actions to take to make OA viable in your research, publishing, service, funding, and work.

8 things you can do to support Open:

1. Deposit your work in D-Scholarship@Pitt.

2. Publish your work in Open Access journals.

3. Utilize our Author Fee Fund to offset article fees for Open Access journals. 

4. Choose Creative Commons licenses for your research work and teaching materials. 

5. Encourage your colleagues to share their work openly.

6. Volunteer as a reviewer or editor for an Open Access journal in your field.

7. Start the Open Access conversation with your favorite subscription journal. 

8. Celebrate Open Access Week with us. 

How Open Access Empowered a 16-Year-Old to Make a Cancer Breakthrough

NIH Director Dr. Francis S. Collins interviews Jack Andraka, the 16-year-old inventor of a breakthrough cancer diagnostic and winner of the 2012 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Courtesy of the Right to Research Coalition.

Accelerating Impact: Real-World Applications of Open Access

Courtesy of ASAP Accelerating Science Awards Program and YouTube