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Open Access @ Pitt: OA Task Force

Here you can find out more about Open Access to research and how to make your scholarship more freely and widely available and usable.

Open Access Task Force @ Pitt

In July 2010, then-Provost James Maher appointed an Open Access Task Force, which was charged

(to) carefully review the issues involved in open access publishing and to provide to his successor, Dr. Patricia E. Beeson, an assessment of available options for formulating policies and procedures on open access publishing for faculty at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Members of the task force were

  • Rush Miller (University Library System), Chair
  • Mike Madison (Barco School of Law)
  • Cynthia Miller (University of Pittsburgh Press)
  • Steve Reis (School of Medicine)
  • Adam Shear (Department of Religious Studies, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Karen Shephard (Barco Law Library)

In 2011, the Task Force issued a report on Open Access and proposed a change to the University's copyright policy to support Open Access to scholarly articles by Pitt authors. This University Times article outlines the proposal. 

Included below are the key documents and proposals from the Task Force.