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Open Access @ Pitt: Why OA Matters

Here you can find out more about Open Access to research and how Pitt and people around the world are engaged in this movement to make high-quality scholarship more freely and widely available and usable.

The Benefits of Open Access

This image highlights the multitude benefits of Open Access--to scholars, students, practitioners, governments, research institutions, taxpayers, and more. (Image CC BY Danny Kingsley and Sarah Brown)

What's So Important about OA?

Open Access has the power to transform the way research and scientific inquiry are conducted. It has direct and widespread implications for academia, medicine, science, industry, and for society as a whole. There are a number of benefits to Open Access for the Pitt community and the world at large. Open access helps

  • Foster the ability to freely share research with colleagues across disciplines
  • Facilitate the use of research in the classroom and for course assignments, alleviating worries over copyright adherence and infringement
  • Increase the global visibility and discoverability of the research output of the University of Pittsburgh, its faculty, and students
  • Support the University's mission of service by disseminating research results within and beyond Pitt
  • Readily demonstrate the high level of research conducted at Pitt
  • Facilitate discovery of each article in Internet search engines as well as Open Access databases and in Pittcat+.