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Negotiating in Business - Oakland Campus

This guide will introduce you to resources you can use when researching negotiations, particularly in business, for BUSHRM 1665 Negotiating in Business course.

Choosing a Negotiation

Picking a topic can often be half the battle. Try answering some of the following questions to help you narrow down your options:

  • What type of negotiations do you want to learn more about? Business, union/labor, political, other?
  • Have you heard of any big negotiations in the news lately?
  • Do you want to learn about something you have little experience in, or increase your knowledge of an area you already do know?
  • What types of negotiations do you expect to be involved with in your career plans?

Keep in mind is that public and large companies tend to have more information available about them, thus making it easier to find detailed information their negotiations.


Use keywords related to the type of negotiation you want to investigate. Examples: healthcare mergers, pharmaceutical acquisitions, labor union contract, Obamacare negotiation, collective bargaining, etc.

For more examples, do a Google search using the following formula:

negotiation examples [insert key words here]

Your key words might be as general as the category (business or union or political) or as specific as technology mergers or pharmaceutical settlements.

NOTE: Capital IQ is only available on campus. You can create a free account to use your own device, or use computers in Mervis 201 or two computers on the ground floor of Hillman Library. More access information.

M&A Transaction data can be found by Screening. Hover over the Screening tab at the top of the page, and select Transactions. The Transaction Screening page will open. Here you can use any of the criteria to screen for M&A Transactions; each criteria has its own set of variables and a new menu will open and you will be able to select from these variables. After you select your criteria, it is very easy to edit your selections. 

Option 1

To screen by Industry, select Industry Classifications under the Company Details box.

M&A Details contains critera (including Dates, Valuation, and Consideration Details) which can be added to your search.

Option 2

The Idea Generation Screens contain pre-built searches. Expand the search to get a short description, and to see the search critera. Click on the search and Capital IQ will run the screen for you.