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Course & Subject Guides

Studio Arts: Materials & Process Research @ Pitt: Materials Research

A library guide created to assist Studio Arts students at Pitt with materials and process research.

Finding Resources on Material

In this example, we will search for "gold leaf" in PittCat Classic

1. From the PittCat homepage, select "keyword search"
3. Enter "gold leaf" in the first search box and search

The results are limited, however, clicking on the first result Gilding & the making of gold leaf shows the Library of Congress subject headings 'Bookbinding --Gilding" and "Gold Leaf." You can follow either of those subject headings, or return to starting a new search with a different keyword. The term gilding has come up in the search for gold leaf, which is an indicator it may also be a good search term. Repeating these steps for gilding, we now receive a greater number of relevant results.  

You can also do a similar search in WorldCat to find books worldwide on your topic: 


Keyword Examples
  • Photography AND cameras 
  • Photography AND technology 
  • Photography AND ink 
  • Video AND art AND material


Helpful Keyword Searches
  • Printmaking AND materials 
  • Printmaking AND ink 
  • Printmaking AND paper 
  • Printmaking AND chemicals