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Research Data Management @ Pitt

This guide will assist researchers in planning for the various stages of managing their research data and in preparing data management plans required with funding proposals.

Data management plan requirements

Funders are increasingly requiring grant applicants to submit data management plans (DMPs) with their grant proposals, in an effort to promote data sharing and responsible stewardship of data by researchers. Funder requirements have been compiled on a number of web pages:

For the National Science Foundation, note that each directorate has its own data management plan guidelines

If your research is funded by a contract rather than a grant, consult with the contracting agency and refer to the terms of your contract to determine whether a data management plan is required.

Writing a data management plan

Data management plans (DMPs) are documents prepared by researchers as they are planning a project and writing a grant proposal. DMPs typically address

  • The types of data to be collected
  • Data format, including data and metadata standards
  • Plans for sharing data, including policies affecting access and reuse of the data by other researchers
  • Plans for archiving and preserving the data

More guidance on what should go into a DMP can be found at





DMPTool can guide you through the creation of a data management plan that will meet your funder's requirements. DMPTool is widely used by researchers at institutions around the U.S.

To use DMPTool, click on the DMPTool icon above. Click Your institution under Option 1, and enter University of Pittsburgh, or just Pitt  in the pop-up box. Select the university's name and click Go.

Sample data management plans

Sample data management plans can be viewed at: