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Course & Subject Guides

Introduction to Modern Art - Oakland Campus: Materials & Processes

A research guide to assist students taking Rebecca Giordano's HAA 0030 - Introduction to Modern Art online course.

Conservation Issues

Finding Articles

Through our library system, students and faculty have access to many Art and Architecture Databases. The following databases would be the most helpful when doing research on materials and processes in modern and contemporary art:

Research Tips

  • Always use the advanced search option.
  • Use various combinations of keywords and phrases to find specific information, such as the name of the artist or art movement AND a specific process or material. Example: "Cubism" AND "Oil Painting", or "Constructivism" AND "Sculpture"
  • Include specific names of materials in your searches. 
  • Search for specific art movements to learn more about the materials and processes used by artists aligned with that movement.

Books on Materials and Making

Online Exhibitions on Materials & Processes

Videos on Process

Watching videos about different processes is also a great way to do research on processes. Here are a couple of places you can start: