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Immigration - Oakland Campus: Finding Articles

This guide is to accompany the SOC 1319 Immigration Class taught by Dr. Moss

How do I find articles?

If you’re looking for articles on a topic, search an Article Database.  

  • If you know the name of the database you want to search, start at the Databases A-Z list. 
  • If you’re not sure which database to search, you can search databases in a particular Subject, or just ask a librarian for guidance by calling 412-648-3331 or chatting online at Ask-A-Librarian.

If you have a citation to an article, search PITTCat+.

PITTCat+ will list all the journals we subscribe to either online or in paper.  If the journal is online, the PITTCat+ record will offer a link directly to the journal database.   If the ULS doesn’t subscribe to the journal online, PITTCat+ will list any paper volumes and issues we have of that journal.

You can also use the Citation Linker to see if the article you are searching for is available online. 

If you’re off-campus try the E-journal search

You can search by the journal title to find out if we have a particular journal online.   Remember  that not all journals or issues of journals are available online.  To see if we have a journal either online or in paper, search PittCat+ for the journal title.

If we don’t have the journal or article you need, request the article for free through Interlibrary Loan.

Key Interdisciplinary Databases for Starting Research

Below are several good general interdisciplinary databases that are useful when searching for articles about global themes. 

Suggested Databases for Immigration Information

Reference Databases