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Ongoing Project

CCVG Data project. Contemporary Chinese Village Gazetteer Data (CCVGD 数字村庄) project was initiated by the East Asian Library (EAL) within the University of Pittsburgh Library System (ULS). The project aims to promote the unique and sizeable collection of Chinese village gazetteers held by the library, to offer researchers and scholars access to a unique set of data extracted from selected gazetteers, and to support teaching, research, and reference services around it. This project received initial funding from the University of Pittsburgh Chancellor’s Office as well as support from the Asian Studies Center (ASC) and the University Center for International Studies (UCIS). Learn more about CCVG Data, please visit the website or go to the dataset directly

CR/10: History is complicated. A person's memory varies according to his or her geographical location, age, profession, family background, and many other different factors. Different experiences and memories also influence an individual's understanding of a historical incident. CR/10 is an experimental project aimed at collecting the true memories and impressions of ordinary people who experienced the Cultural Revolution. The aim is to record the effect of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution on different areas and different people, as well as individuals' understanding of this historical incident after it happened. This project will also try to document the unequal impact of this historical event in China. 

How do people who have experienced a historical incident pass on their memories? How do those who were born after the end of the Cultural Revolution understand and acknowledge this movement? CR/10 also includes interviews with some individuals from the post-Cultural Revolution generation as a way to explore answers to these questions.

Learn more about CR/10, please visit our website.

English/Chinese Comparison Table for Names of Chinese Studies Scholars was a by-product of the "Chinese Studies in North America - Research and Resources" project. It provides both the English and the Chinese names of scholars involved in Chinese Studies mainly in North America. Since the book was published by 中华书局 in 2010 the table has been updated and revised by Haihui Zhang, and maintained regularly by the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh and is available here

Selected Publications

Head, East Asian Library/Chinese Studies Librarian

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Ed Galloway
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7500 Thomas Blvd., Rm 221A

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Provides primary support to teaching and research on Chinese Studies and information literacy related to China history and culture.

Selected Academic and Professional Activities Outside the University

  • 2018- PI for Contemporary Chinese Village Data Project
  • 2015- PI for CR/10 Project
  • 2013 Instructor, CCM workshop on Chinese local gazetteers
  • 2012 Instructor, CEAL Webinar on  “Chinese Rare Book Cataloging”
  • 2011- 2017 Member of Committee on Chinese Materials, CEAL
  • 2010- Member, Editorial Board of China Studies Aboard
  • 2008-2010 Project initiator and organizer, Academic survey on “Chinese Studies in North America”
  • 2004 Faculty member, Luce Summer Institutes (China focus)