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GSWS Capstone - Oakland Campus: Writing & Citing

A guide to assist students with research in GSWS 1910.

A Helpful Guide

Citing Sources Using a Citation Manager

Online citation managers are an easy way to keep track of all of your references. The University Library System resources work with tools such as Mendeley, EndNote, and Zotero. These are tools for importing citations from sources like PittCat and article databases that can automatically integrate them into your research paper and bibliography.

Putting it all together

Organizing your research and putting your ideas down on paper can be difficult.  You can get writing help at the Writing Center.

Citing Sources

Correctly citing information is an essential skill for any academic researcher. Our Major Citation Styles guide provides links to several online style guides covering the basics of correctly citing your sources.

It's often best to consult the official style guides when in doubt.  Most ULS libraries will have copies of such popular citation style guides as the American Psychological Association, the Modern Language Association, or the Chicago Manual of Style.

Annotated Bibliographies

When you write an annotation, you provide more than a summary. Annotations provide analysis, exposing the author's position and goals. Consider how the work helps to shape your own argument. Really good analysis at this stage can often make your final paper much stronger.

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