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Google: Google Tools

This guide includes tips for advanced Google searching and using Google tools.

Google News

Google News is a site that pools together headlines from news sources world wide. This is a great tool to keep up on current events.

Features include...

Personalized news: Google News has the capability to tailor its news grouping to the users interest.

Alerts: Users can sign up to receive email alerts on a subject.

Google News mobile: Users with a mobile data plan may access Google News from their phone. 

Feeds: Users may subscribe to RSS or Atom feeds to receive news updates 

News archive search: Search and explore information from historical archives dating back over 200 years. 

Google Cultural Institute

Google has partnered with hundreds of museums, cultural institutions, and archives to host the world’s cultural treasures online.

With a team of dedicated Googlers, we are building tools that allow the cultural sector to display more of its diverse heritage online, making it accessible to all.

Here you can find artworks, landmarks and world heritage sites, as well as digital exhibitions that tell the stories behind the archives of cultural institutions across the globe.

Google Ngram Viewer

"Google’s new n-gram tool ... draws on a database of millions of books, in multiple languages, to show the annual popularity of any published word or phrase over the last several centuries." - By R. Alexander Bentley and Michael J. O’Brien, Buzzwords of the Crowd, New York Times, 12/01/12.

Google Groups

Google Groups provides a forum for groups to collaborate and communicate.  Groups can create a customized page where users can work on projects virtually. 

Page Creation: Create and collaborate on shared web pages, hosted within the group itself.

Customization: Select pictures, colors and styles to give your group its own distinct look.

File sharing: Upload and share your work with others in your group.

Member profiles: Learn more about the other members in your group.

Google Sites

In this expanding technological world, it is beneficial to have a professional web presence.  Google Sites is a free resource to create that presence.

  • Single-click page creation 
  • Customizable look and feel 
  • Dozens of pre-built templates 
  • Settings for accessing and sharing information

Google Mobile

Google Mobile is an application that provides google search capabilities on any phone with a data plan.  It allows users to access Google features like Google News, Gmail, Google Maps and others in a quick and mobile-friendly information for their device.  

Some Unique Features:

Google Latitude: Google Latitude is a mobile geolocation tool that lets your friends know where you are via Google Maps.

Buzz: Buzz is a social networking service built into Gmail.

Mobile search: Search web pages, images, local listings and mobile-specific web pages through the Google search engine.

Sync: Synchronizes a mobile phone with multiple Google calendars as well as contacts using a Google Account.

Google Speak: Speak your search terms into the phone and they are automatically searched.

Google Trends

See the latest trends, data and visualizations from Google. Find out what's trending near you right now.

Google Drive

Create and share your work online with Google Drive

Upload your files from your desktop: It's easy to get started and it's free! 
Access anywhere: Edit and view your docs from any computer or smart phone.
Share your work: Real-time collaboration means work gets done more quickly.

Google Translate

Google Translate

Google Translate is a free translation service that provides instant translations between 57 different languages. It can translate words, sentences and web pages between any combination of our supported languages.

Google Fonts

Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography.

Google Earth

Google Earth lets you fly anywhere on Earth to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, from galaxies in outer space to the canyons of the ocean.