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Dominic Bordelon

"Research is a seeking that he [sic] who wishes may know the cosmic secrets of the world."
Zora Neale Hurston

Research Support

I support Pitt researchers and students in the following areas:

  • Data management, including writing Data Management and Sharing Plans
  • Data science skills (cleaning, analysis, visualization of data) using R, Python, and SQL
  • Computing skills needed to support research, such as Git version control and the Linux command line
  • Data Sharing and Open Science topics

Need help on any of the above? Book an appointment with me! I offer consultations, trainings on request, Library talks and workshops, and a weekly drop-in hour for R help.

I am also interested in:

  • Research methods
  • Data Privacy
  • Data and society; datafication
  • Ethical and socially just uses of data science and AI

I am a certified Carpentries Instructor and hold a Creative Commons Certificate.

Selected Publications


Kerzendorf, Wolfgang E., Ferdinando Patat, Dominic Bordelon, Glenn van de Ven, and Tyler A. Pritchard. 2020. “Distributed Peer Review Enhanced with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.” Nature Astronomy, April.
Grothkopf, Uta, Silvia Meakins, and Dominic Bordelon. 2018. “ESO Telbib: Learning from Experience, Preparing for the Future.” In Observatory Operations: Strategies, Processes, and Systems VII, 10704:107040R. International Society for Optics and Photonics.
Grothkopf, Uta, Dominic Bordelon, Silvia Meakins, and Eric Emsellem. 2017. “On the Availability of ESO Data Papers on ArXiv/Astro-Ph.” The Messenger 170: 58–61.
Patat, Ferdinando, Henri M. J. Boffin, Dominic Bordelon, Uta Grothkopf, Silvia Meakins, Steffen Mieske, and Marina Rejkuba. 2017. “The ESO Survey of Non-Publishing Programmes.” The Messenger 170: 51–57.
Leibundgut, Bruno, Dominic Bordelon, Uta Grothkopf, and Ferdinando Patat. 2017. “Scientific Return from VLT Instruments.” The Messenger 169: 11–15.
Grothkopf, Uta, Silvia Meakins, Dominic Bordelon, and Michael Sterzik. 2016. “Trends and Developments in VLT Data Papers as Seen through Telbib.” In Observatory Operations: Strategies, Processes, and Systems VI, edited by Alison B. Peck, Chris R. Benn, and Robert L. Seaman, 89. Edinburgh, United Kingdom: SPIE.
Bordelon, Dominic. 2010. “‘My Way To Show Baton Rouge I’m Here’: Latino Music and Dance in Baton Rouge.” New Populations Project. Louisiana Folklife Program.
Bordelon, Dominic. 2010. “The Difference Between a House and a Home: Latino Experiences in Baton Rouge.” Louisiana Folklore Miscellany 20: 74–97.

Formal Education

Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS), Louisiana State University

B.A., English, concentration in Writing & Culture (Folklore, Linguistics), LSU
B.A., Spanish, LSU
B.A., History, LSU