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Dominic Bordelon

What I Do

I work in Digital Scholarship Services, offering support and instruction in research data management and data/code literacy, in the forms of workshops and consultations one-on-one or in small groups. Topics that I help with include:

  • Programming/scripting for data gathering and analysis, especially in python and R
  • Planning, organizing, and documenting project data for reproducibility
  • Writing data management plans for grant proposals
  • Depositing and describing project data for preservation and sharing
  • Finding and reusing data that others have shared
  • Data visualization
  • Licensing your deposited data for reuse
  • Citing data and software usage in publications
  • Data deposits in D-Scholarship, Pitt's institutional repository
  • Collaborative version control for your projects using Git


I am a certified Carpentries Instructor and hold a Creative Commons Certificate.

My Workshops

A large part of my work is offering training opportunities around tools for working with research data and code. I try to have hands-on activities in most of my workshops, within time constraints. Workshops are designed as one-off learning events so that your time commitment is low.

If you are interested in a workshop but unable to attend, please let me know. I would be happy to share materials with you as well as arrange one-on-one time for questions you have.

Spring 2021:

Fall 2020:

  • Git & GitHub Part I, Thursday, September 10 (new)
  • Writing Data Management Plans for Grant Proposals, Wednesday, September 23, 2-3pm (new)
  • Research Data and Copyright, Monday, October 5, 11am-12pm (new)
  • Git & GitHub Part II, Thursday, October 8, 1-3pm (new)
  • Querying Databases with SQL, Tuesday, October 13, 1-3pm
  • Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing, Friday, October 23, 1-2pm (new)
  • Introduction to R, Tuesday, November 10, 1-3pm (new)
  • Typesetting with LaTeX

Spring 2020:

  • Querying Databases with SQL, Wednesday, January 29 (slides) (new)
  • Typesetting with LaTeX, Friday, April 3 (new)

Potential future topics: data sharing; data cleaning. (Please email me if any of these interest you!)

Schedule a Consultation

Want to chat about your project's data, or need help or advice? You can schedule an appointment on the calendar, or if those times don't work, please write to me to set up a time with you or your team.

Selected Publications

  • Kerzendorf, Wolfgang E., Ferdinando Patat, Dominic Bordelon, Glenn van de Ven, and Tyler A. Pritchard. 2020. “Distributed Peer Review Enhanced with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.” Nature Astronomy, April.

  • Grothkopf, U., Meakins, S., & Bordelon, D. (2018). ESO telbib: learning from experience, preparing for the future. Proceedings of the SPIE, 10704.

  • Grothkopf, U., Bordelon, D., Meakins, S., & Emsellem, E. (2017). On the Availability of ESO Data Papers on arXiv/astro-ph. The Messenger, 170, 58–61.

  • Patat, F., Boffin, H., Bordelon, D., et al. (2017). The ESO Survey of Non-Publishing Programmes. The Messenger, 170, 51–57.

  • Leibundgut, B., Bordelon, D., et al. (2017). Scientific Return from VLT instruments. The Messenger, 169, 11–15.

  • Bordelon, D., Grothkopf, U., et al. (2016). Trends and developments in VLT data papers as seen through telbib. Proceedings of the SPIE, 9910.