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The Cold War in Latin America - Oakland Campus: Primary Sources

This guide is designed to assist with research related to the Cold War in Latin America.

Primary Sources

Primary Sources

  • Original materials that provide direct evidence or first-hand testimony concerning a topic or event.
  • Primary sources can be contemporary sources created at the time when the event occurred (e.g., letters and newspaper articles) or later (e.g., memoirs and oral history interviews).
  • Primary sources may be published or unpublished.  Unpublished sources are unique materials (e.g., family papers) often referred to as archives and manuscripts.
  • What constitutes a primary source varies by discipline. How the researcher uses the source generally determines whether it is a primary source or not.

Media, News and Historical Newspapers

Documents & Files

Primary Sources for Historical Research

This source is intended to provide the users with an introduction to the areas of strength for historical research in Pitt's Latin American collection and suggest procedures for using Hillman's on-line catalogs and databases to search for additional documentation and bibliography. NOTICE: This is not an authoritative or exhaustive listing.For availability of specific titles, consult PITTCat+


Latin American selected collections in Microforms

This list includes collections of Latin American Materials in microforms (microfiche, microfilm, microcards). NOTICE: This is not  an authoritative or exhaustive listing. For availability of specific titles, consult PITTCat+