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PSY1059 Advanced Research Methods in Health Psychology: Writing, Citing, & Using APA

Guide content is curated to assist Pitt student researchers in identifying optimal databases, specialists, and materials. Included are search strategies and details on obtaining fulltext for a variety of document types.

Citing Sources

Correctly citing information is an essential skill for any academic researcher.  Always consult the most recent APA style manual!  Otherwise, you are almost sure to lose points. Most ULS libraries have reference copies of standard citation style guides including the American Psychological Association.

Style Manual of the APA

Most databases allow you to choose a style manual and will create a citation for you.  While that's a great feature, be aware that no online resource is 100% accurate.  To ensure that you don't get any points taken off for incorrect citation elements, always check your style manual or credible online examples.  Here are examples of APA citations from the Purdue OWL.

Using a Citation Manager

If you're writing papers, cutting together bibliographies, or working up literature reviews, consider using a citation management tool.  Online citation managers make it easy to keep track of all of your references. Library resources work with citation management tools such as Mendeley and EndNote.  Either of these will help you:

  • create citations
  • write your paper and easily insert citations and notes
  • build your bibliography as you write

Writing Centers

Need someone to review your paper? Visit the Writing Center or Academic Success Center on your campus.