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Literature of the Americas: Pre-Columbian Writings - Oakland Campus: Databases

A guide to assist students with their research in ENGLIT 0573: Literature of the Americas, Spring 2017 with professor Elizabeth Rodriguez Fielder.


A database is an online collection of articles and information you can search by using a special interface.  Databases often contain scholarly and peer-reviewed information. 

Database often contain subject specific scholarly articles and resources.  Listed below databases that you can search to find more information about your topic.  For more databases, please visit the ULS's Databases A-Z or Databases by Subject lists.

What makes information "scholarly"

Instructors often ask students to find “scholarly”, “academic”, or “peer reviewed” sources of information for their research.  These terms all refer to the same type of information – sources based on in-depth research, and are considered higher in quality and more reliable for your research. 

These sources can range from chapters within books or entire books, or journal articles, but all have common characteristics that can help you recognize that type of information.

Subject Databases


General Databases