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Art & Politics in Latin America (HAA 0520) - Oakland Campus

This guide was created to assist students in Jennifer Josten's class, Art & Politics in Latin America (HAA 0520)

Image Collections

Finding & Citing Images


Finding Images in Books 

To search for images using books you can search PittCat using search terms such as "art index," "index to reproductions" (of "art," of "sculpture," or of "paintings," etc), or search for the name of a specific exhibition or museum along with the keyword "index," refined to books only.  

Reverse Image Search 

To do a reverse image search go to Click the camera icon within the search box and upload an image that you have saved to your computer. You can also do this search by dragging and dropping an image into the search box, or searching by the image's URL.  

Pitt's Digital Collections 

Other Digital Image Collections and Sites

Contemporary Art Images

Images of Fashion and Textiles 

Images of Artist Books 

Museum Collections

Southwestern Pennsylvania Artists and Collections

These resources are intended to assist artists and researchers looking for books or image collections of art related to Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Included are photographic and archival collections, exhibition catalogs, artist biographies and select works by curators at the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, University Art Gallery at The University of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

Image Examples

Getty Images is a great place to gain artistic inspiration by browsing top quality stock photographs.To see more images like this, search Getty Images using keywords such as "architecture and art," "art gallery," and "renaissance art." Make sure to check image licensing and permission before use.

Also, browse their Archival Image Library that offers "defining cultural moments, places and iconic personalities–– from the historical to the present-day."


Irises by Vincent Van Gogh, 1889. In the J. Paul Getty Museum Collection.  

To search for more images like this in the Artstor database, you can do a simple search for "Van Gogh," or do a more advanced search that will lead you to specific items you may be looking for. If you were looking for Van Gogh's Starry Night you would type in "Starry Night" into the first field and "Van Gogh" in the second field, refined to Creator.


Le Troupeau, Oil Painting by Philippe-Jacques Loutherbourg, at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Strasbourg  

Browse and search Wikimedia Commons (via Creative Commons) by topic, location, classification,author, license, and source, as well as images added by the current month. Each image will be accompanied by a licensing and permission statement so that you know your rights.

To find more images like this search "oil paintings," "pastoral paintings," or "animal paintings."