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Find, Use, Peruse: Google Books!

Discover what is in Google Books and learn how to search it more efficiently.

I've Found My Book, Now What?

Now that you have located the item you need, you have two options beyond saving it to your library. You can download the eBook from Google or you can see if a copy exists in your local library.

Downloading a Copy of the Book

If an eBook is available, you have the option of reading it in your browser, but you need to have a Google account if you want to download it.  

Once you are logged into your Google account, click on and Google will add the book to your Google Play list.

If the eBook is available for sale by Google, the box will look something like this: Book prices vary.

If the book is not available as an eBook, the message No eBook available displays with a box that says:  

Even if a book is available as an eBook, you still have the option of getting it in print. Clicking on or brings up a list of book dealers like AbeBooks, Amazon, and locations that have an Espresso Book Machine where they are able to print books on demand.

Getting a Copy of the Book at a Library

To see if a library has the book, click  and you will be redirected to When logged into a campus computer or remotely, the availability at Pitt and other local libraries will be displayed. If the book is not available locally, you will get a sense of other libraries that hold the book and can place Interlibrary Loan or E-ZBorrow request for it.  

Please keep in mind, the University of Pittsburgh has an extensive collection of free ebooks made available through our databases for the Pitt community. These collections cover a variety of disciplines. For more information, please reference this libguide: