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Find, Use, Peruse: Google Books!

Discover what is in Google Books and learn how to search it more efficiently.


Google Books provides access to all kinds of books.  It is important to determine whether the books found in Google Books are scholarly and appropriate for academic research or intended for a broader audience.

What makes information "scholarly"?

Does author hold an advanced degree in subject covered by book?

The description does not mention an advanced degree, but the author has extensive experience with manuscripts. 

We’ll say Yes.

Are there footnotes or endnotes indicating that other materials were used in the research process?

Scrolling through the preview, there doesn’t seem to be any cited sources.  No.

Is the intended audience for a layperson or someone familiar with research in the subject?  Given that the book is only in preview form, you may not be able to determine the audience. The description seems to indicate that the book is intended for a more general audience.

Was the book assembled by one or more editors with contributions from other authors?  In this case, editors often act as a review committee and make sure the contributors are factual and accurate.  This information may be found in the introduction to the book or with the bibliographic information.  No, not the case with this book.

Was the book published by a University press (Harvard University Press, University of Pittsburgh Press, etc), which have high standards and tend to publish well researched titles.  This book appears to be published by a popular publisher geared to more general audience.

Was the work evaluated by experts and only published if it met the discipline's standards?

Peer-Reviewed usually pertains to journal articles. 

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Citation Export

If you use a citation management program then you can easily export the citation from Google Books by clicking on the appropriate button.