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Studio Arts: Materials & Process Research @ Pitt: Process Research

A library guide created to assist Studio Arts students at Pitt with materials and process research.

Finding Resources on Process

In this example of searching for a process, we'll look for the intaglio printing process. First we'll search in PittCat.:

1. From PittCat, click "Advanced Search"
2. From the dropdown "search by" menu, select "subject"
3. Enter "intaglio" in the search box and search

The results are limited, however, the first result shows the Library of Congress subject heading "Intaglio Printing". When clicked on, the subject heading link will bring you to a page showing all of the books that fall under that subject heading. One of the books that appears as a result is Etching, Engraving, and Intaglio Printing which covers different processes and techniques of printmaking.


Helpful Keyword Searches
  • Intaglio  
  • Intaglio AND process
  • Woodblock AND printing 
  • Engraving AND printing  
  • Mixed-media AND printmaking 
  • Letterpress 


Helpful Keyword Searches:
  • Oil painting AND process
  • Oil painting AND techniques
  • Acrylic painting AND techniques
  • Fresco painting AND techniques


Helpful Keyword Searches
  • Photography AND process 
  • Photography AND processing
  • Cyanotype AND process 
  • Albumen AND photography 
  • Photography AND printing


Helpful Keyword Searches:
  • Relief AND sculpture
  • Sculpture AND carving
  • Sculpture AND additive process
  • Sculpture AND modeling

Videos on Process

Watching videos about different processes is also a great way to do research on processes. Here are a couple of places you can start: