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Gender and Education - Oakland Campus: Bibliometrics

This guide is to assist students in Maureen Porter's ADMPS 2359/ EDUC 2109 Fall 2016 course and to support an Extended Diversity Institute workshop.

What is Bibliometrics?

  • The branch of library science concerned with the application of mathematical and statistical analysis to bibliography; the statistical analysis of books, articles, or other publications. ("bibliometrics, n.". OED Online. December 2011. Oxford University Press.)

  • In other words…data about publications, or citation frequency.

  • Scientometrics is the branch of information science concerned with the application of bibliometrics to the study of the spread of scientific ideas; the bibliometric analysis of science. ("scientometrics, n.". OED Online. December 2011. Oxford University Press.)

Increase Visibility of Your Research

What is Bibliometrics Services?

Citation databases and tools tracking use of research outputs in social networks can be valuable in providing evidence of the volume and impact of research activity both within the scholarly community (research impact) and in a broader community (social impact).

The University Library System provides bibliometric services for faculty and researchers at the University of Pittsburgh.
We can help you gather and analyze statistics that track the impact of your research or that of your peer groups. 

Contact us to ask a question, set up a consultation, or find out about training opportunities.

Browse our research guides at for guidance and resources on various bibliometrics topics.