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Gender and Education - Oakland Campus: Background & Reference Information

This guide is to assist students in Maureen Porter's ADMPS 2359/ EDUC 2109 Fall 2016 course and to support an Extended Diversity Institute workshop.

Gather Background

Understanding the background of your topic can be immensely helpful to the search process. It can also help to narrow and focus your topic.

Consult reference sources, encyclopedias, Wikipedia, Google, and other broad search tools.

Choosing Your Topic

  • Select a topic that interests you.
  • Select appropriate search terms for your subject. More specific search terms will yield better results. Choose a broad topics that can be further narrowed down.
  • Search PITTCat+ and subject oriented databases.
  • Revise your topic. Determine how you will answer your question.
  • Evaluate your resources carefully!
  • When in doubt, contact your librarian or professor.

This sample worksheet will help you refine your research topic.

United States Data

International Data

Education Research PDF Guide

This annotated research guide will help you find quality books, articles, and web sites focusing on the theory of education, educational psychology, teaching, and much more. Created by Librarian Paul Bond, Pitt-Johnstown.