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RELGST 1903 Capstone Class: Getting Materials

This guide was designed to assist students in the Religious Studies Capstone Class.

Okay, I have a citation . . what now?

You've found some great citations, but how do you get the full-text?  Finding full-text can sometimes be tricky.  Try these steps when you have a citation:

1.  Start by searching PITTCat+.

PITTCat+ will list all the journals we subscribe to either online or in paper. If the journal is online, the PITTCat+ record will offer a link directly to the journal database. If the ULS doesn't subscribe to the journal online, PITTCat+ will list any paper volumes and issues we have of that journal.

2.  Search for the journal via our E-Journal Search:

The E-Journal Search will tell you if we have an online subscription to the journal or publication you are seeking.  Search by the Journal title, and the result list will list the years available online.

3.  Maybe it's not online:

Not all publications are available online, or the ULS may not have an online subscription to the publication you are seeking.  Search PITTCat Classic for the journal title to see if we have it in paper.  If we do, you can go to the library that has it, or request that volume using the Get It system (see box at right).

If you don't find it in PITTCat Classic, you can request the article for free through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). ILL lets you request books or articles that the ULS doesn't have.  Find out more in the box to the right, or on the Interlibrary Loan page.