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Course & Subject Guides

EcoArt - Oakland Campus: Ecological Awareness & Mindfullness

Designed to assist students in Prof. Commandaros's course, SA 1240 (Sculpture Studio 2)

Ecological Awareness & Mindfullness

Andy Goldsworthy

Global Tree Project

"The Global Tree Project began when I encountered a large uprooted oak in a forest. It lay as if sleeping on a gently sloping grass-covered hill. When I returned a few days later, the tree had disappeared. In place of its roots remained a scar, a mound of raw earth. I envisioned a new tree growing on this mound."

"As historian of religion Mircea Eliade wrote, if the plant and we come from the same uterus, we are twins. We didn’t die from the separation, as do some conjoined twins, but, somehow we need to be together. In my Global Tree Project, I try to heal our wound from this separation, and reopen our connection with nature to be whole, and to have a new vision through it."

~Shinji Tuner-Yamamoto, The Global Tree Project

Joanie Gagnon

Joanie Gagnon San Chirico’s installation at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, Pomona, NJ.  

"My work relates to preservation regardless of the series. I portray imagery of the planet’s fragile beauty while questioning our culture, which promotes instant gratification while ignoring evolving consequences."