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HPA 2320: Psychosocial and Behavioral Aspects of Health: Find Materials in PITTCAT Classic

Resources for Dr. Ross's Masters-level class @ Pitt-Oakland


Screen capture of the PITTCat Classic search box from the main University Library System web page. The search is a Journal Title search, looking for the journal Journal of Exercise Science.

 PITTCat Classic showing the search results from the previous search. The display indicates that there are two copies of the Journal of Exercise Science. One is in the Health Sciences Library, and the other is available online.

PITTCat Classic detail record for the online version of the Journal of Exercise Science. The image includes a link to connect to the volumes avaailable through the library system.

PITTCAT Classic Basics

Using PITTCAT Classic can save you a lot of time looking for journal or magazine titles, as shown in the example to the left. The catalog record you find in Pittcat Classic will indicate both print and ejournal holdings.

Instead of conducting a journal title search, you can use the down arrow to search for a book title, or author name. To find materials that a specific author has written, type in the author's last name, followed by a space, and their first name or initials. 

Using PITTCAT Classic, you can also  browse the catalog by call number, or search by keywords or subject headings. Other ways to narrow your search include selecting a specific Pitt campus, or material format, like DVDs or electronic materials.