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Designed to assist students in Studio Arts 1370

Can I Use This?


Book: Latin American Artists in New York Since 1970, by Archer M. Huntington Art Gallery  

Pages that you hypothetically would like to scan, print in color, and display in an exhibit: 42 and 43

According to the College Art Association the "Principle" for Fair Use in museums is that "[m]useums and their staffs may invoke fair use in using copyrighted works, including images and text as well as time-based and born-digital material, in furtherance of their core missions, subject to certain limitations."   

Steps to take to determine whether Fair Use can be applied to your case: 

  1. Read the College Art Association's list of limitations, ask yourself if the material and the purpose for which you would like to use the material meets those limitation.   
  2. Search the Artist Right's Society on information regarding your artist/s. 
  3. Think it through and be able to articulate what you think constitutes Fair Use in this particular context. 
  4. Consult with Gallery Curator. 

*As librarians we cannot provide legal advice, we can only point you to helpful resources. We hope that you will take advantage of the resources we have provided!

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