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Topics in Creative Writing - Oakland Campus: In Class Activity

A guide for students in ENGWRT2501 with Geeta Kothari and Bill Lychack.


Literary magazines and journals are available in a variety of formats (print, online, or both) and have many different publishing requirements.

To complete the in-class exercise, you will be broken into groups and assigned a group number: 

  1. Identify if this journal is available by searching for it in either PittCat+ or PittCat Classic.
  2. Look up the journals using a library database and provide 3 facts about this journal. The facts can include frequency of publication, the publisher name, how to submit a piece, or any other information you find interesting.

This information will be reported back to the class after the exercise.



This page is part of a class exercise and intended for instructional purposes only.

Group 1

The Missouri Review

Group 2

The Allegheny Review

Group 3


Group 4


Group 5

American Poetry Review