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Introduction to Creative Nonfiction - Oakland Campus: In-Class Activity

This guide is to accompany professor Bill Lychack's Fall 2014 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction course.


Nonfiction writing may require you to do outside research and locate resources to support your writing.  This exercise will help you to select the proper resources to support your writing and determine the credibility of these resources.

To complete the in-class exercise, you will be broken into groups and assigned a group number: 

  1. With your group, locate the topic associated to your group number using the boxes to the right. 
  2. Using the Databases by Subject or Hot Topics Links, locate one database in which you would search for information about your topic.
  3. Within your chosen database, locate one article related to your topic and decide if this article can be considered a scholarly source. For more information about credible and scholarly resources, see the Credible Information tab of this guide.
  4. Report and review the following information as a class:
    1. What database did your group use?
    2. What is the title of the article and title of the publication in which this article was published?
    3. Is this a scholarly source?  Why or why not?


This page is part of a class exercise and intended for instructional purposes only.

Group 1

Attitudes towards organic food and farming

Group 2

History of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement

Group 3

Andy Warhol’s influence on popular culture

Group 4

Uses of technology in education

Group 5

Body image and the media