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Library Research Skills for GSPIA and International Students

This guide is designed to orient GSPIA students on library research skills for academic success at a graduate level. The information presented in this guide will be especially useful to GSPIA's international students.

PASSPORT - Countries and Consumers Statistics

Passport  - Countries and Consumers - from Euromonitor contains demographics and wide variety of data for many countries worldwide ranging from population to literacy to financial and social or lifestyle data. Good source for comparative data as it draws data from the UN, World Bank, IMF, and OECD, as well as national statistical sources.


PASSPORT - Industries is the marketing and industry part of the database and a tool that contains data and narrative reports on global trade, economic environment, consumer market sizes, market data & forecasts, consumer lifestyles, companies and brands, and business information sources. For the US,UK, Germany, and France it provides full-text market research reports for specific products/industries.

Steps to Extract Time Series Country Data Sets from PASSPORT

Most data found in Passport - Countries and Consumers is annual data collected by international organizations, although a few sources have more frequent data.


  • DO NOT USE THE BACK ARROW in Passport.  In some browsers it will boot you out of the database.
  • Passport has created several help videos (most deal with Industry searching and data).  To watch videos about searching Passport click in the BLUE box on the LEFT.  Select either the ORANGE "WATCH AN OVERVIEW" tab  or  GRAY "SEE MORE CHOICES IN HELP" tab. 
  • Pay attention to the small icons for Statistics and for Analysis.
  • You can create an account to save documents for future use and searching. 


Quick Steps to reach Country Data:

  -   1.    Click the link to enter the database.

   -   2.   Scroll down through the "Terms and Conditions."

   -   3.   Click the BLUE tab to "ACCEPT" the terms and conditions.

   -   4a. From the BLACK bar under the word Passport  - Click on the word "SEARCH"


   -   4b. From the center search panel with the magnifying glass - Click on the BLUE "MENU SEARCH."

   -   5.   Scroll down through the Category Tree to the "Country and Consumers" indicators.

    -  6.   Expand any variables with + (plus signs) in the Category Tree.

   -   7.   Place checks in the box in front of the indicators you would like to see. 

   -   8.   Scroll down to the BLUE box and click  "NOW CHOOSE GEOGRAPHIES."

   -   9.   Select your countries and regions.

   -   10. Click the LEFT BLUE tab to see statistics - "SEE DATA NOW." 

              IF you click the RIGHT tab "RUN SEARCH" you will get "semi-related" narrative reports. 

Additional Options:

   -   11. The GRAY tabs on the LEFT side will permit customization of the data.

  • You can "CONVERT DATA," (i.e. convert countries to a common currency before you download the data.)
  • Expand the years or "CHANGE TIME SERIES" years 
  • "CHANGE CATEGORIES" of data, or .
  • "CHANGE COUNTRIES" for data.

   -   12. Use the symbols near the TOP on the RIGHT side to:

  • EXPORT the data,
  • SAVE it as a PDF,
  • PRINT the data tables, or
  • GET  HELP. 

More Data and Statistical Content Databases

These databases contain comparative international country level statistics .  Use PASSPORT first.   

Subject Databases for GSPIA

Databases for GSPIA

This page is the starting point to choose a database related to GSPIA and Global Studies subjects. The page features brief descriptions and links to relevant databases.  It also features a list of library research guides on subjects related to GSPIA  (i.e. Asian Country Research, Emerging market Countries, and Nonprofit Research).