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Library Research Skills for GSPIA and International Students

This guide is designed to orient GSPIA students on library research skills for academic success at a graduate level. The information presented in this guide will be especially useful to GSPIA's international students.

Mendeley Basics

Mendeley Web syncs with your Mendeley desktop to provide Web-based access to your research and sharing resources. 

With your Mendeley Web account, you can create, edit, and share citations online.  Simply click on the citation title to expand the abstract, view attached documents, and edit citation details and tags.

Mendeley also functions as an academic social network. You can create your Mendeley profile to highlight your personal research, or find related research from scholars around the world. Connect with colleagues, create groups to share research, and discover new papers all within Mendeley Web.

  • Create your profile: Use Mendeley to connect with colleagues around the world by creating and updating your personal researcher profile.
  • Create and follow Groups: You can create private, invite-only, or open groups within Mendeley. The different group types reflect different levels of sharing within each group. In private groups, you can share full-text documents and notes with colleagues. In public groups, you can view citations and discover new research.

Mendeley Desktop is a reference management tool used to build and organize a research library.  The desktop software can be freely downloaded from to multiptle devices and is compatible with operating systems including Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.           

Mendeley Desktop allows you to:

  • Edit citations by simply clicking under or next to the citation field
  • Create folders and subfolders to organize your references
  • Tag and search within your library
  • Watch folders on your computer for new content
  • Share your references
  • Explore similiar research with Mendeley Suggest
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